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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

After the War is Over by Jennifer Robson

Well, I finally finished After the War is Over by Jennifer Robson this evening. I have actually been reading a lot but mostly nonfiction books that I don't always add to this blog. I liked this book but because I was reading other stuff, I didn't always read this novel every day and thus I didn't keep with the story like I like to.

I'd recommend it though if you enjoy historical novels. It was well researched and well written. The author also wrote Somewhere in France, which was a prequel to this novel. 

Book Read:  After the War is Over
Author:  Jennifer Robson

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner

I have read several of Jennifer Weiner's novels and have loved each one. All Fall Down was no exception.

This book was a little different from her other novels though. The subject:  addiction. The main character, Allison Weiss, is a wife, mother, blogger, and all round busy gal. When she hurt her back, she continued taking pain killers and for two years progressively abused Oxycodone, Vicodan and Percocet until she was putting her daughter in danger. 

I personally don't know much about addiction, but this story rang true in the way Allison was in denial, abused the drugs progressively until she couldn't not take them, and the reluctance she experienced in thinking she needed help. And then accepting it when she was finally forced to go to rehab.

Read and love it!

All Fall Down: A Novel

Book Read:  All Fall Down
Author:  Jennifer Weiner


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