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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Snow Blind by P.J. Tracy

This book was a mystery lite. I mean, sure, it had some murders, five that come to mind, but it wasn't gory, which isn't a bad thing. Snow Blind also didn't involve the Monkeewrench gang as much as its predecessors.

P.J. Tracy, the author(s), is really a mother-daughter team. They write mystery novels featuring a foursome of geeks, the Monkeewrench crew, who write crime-solving software and help the Minneapolis police solve crimes. So, the book was good (an English teacher turned sheriff was interesting, as was the fortress city where abused women went to live to be safe), but it wasn't spectacular.

Book Read:  Snow Blind
Author:  P.J. Tracy
ISBN:  0-399-15339-X

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