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Thursday, October 4, 2012

When We Were the Kennedys by Monica Wood

This memoir turned out to have next to nothing to do with the Kennedys but was wonderful! The name comes from the fact that in the same year Kennedy was assassinated (1963), the author's father died of a heart attack. 

When the president was killed, this family watched along with the rest of the country, the television coverage of Jackie Kennedy and the aftermath of JFK's death. The Wood family could relate.

Set in Mexico, Maine, this true story tells a little more than a year in the life of a pre-teen girl who lost her father. The themes of Catholicism, growing up in a small town and leading a sheltered life, the town's paper mill, and of course, death.
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Book Read: When We Were the Kennedys
Author:  Monica Wood
ISBN:   978-0-547-63014-4

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