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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Perfectly Good Family by Lionel Shriver

The family in A Perfectly Good Family is anything but. This book by Lionel Shriver holds up to her over-the-top scenarios she puts always seems to put her characters in. This McCrea family should be a good Southern family. The father was a judge, the mother a proper liberal, penny-pinching beauty but then there are the children.

Mordecai, the oldest, left home at 14, and as an adult is just plain gross. The only girl, Corlis, the middle child, escaped to London to live for years but has returned home since both parents are now dead and her two London flatmates found out she was sleeping with both of them. And the baby, Truman, stuck close to home (he never left), taking care of the monstrosity of a house and his mother, sort of.

For a novel full of sharp wit and smart writing, A Perfectly Good Family is a safe bet. The surprising ending is actually a relief.

Book Read:  A Perfectly Good Family
Author:  Lionel Shriver
ISBN:  978-0-6-123949-6

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