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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Townie by Andre Dubus III

Last night I reluctantly finished Townie by Andre Dubus III. Reluctantly because this book wasn't just words on a page by a writer writing about his life. He also opened his head and heart and let thoughts come out that most of us keep hidden. He admitted wanting to beat people up. To beating people up. To having rage that he was ashamed of but that was there. It was interesting to read how he changed through the years from events and choices he made.

If you've read his most popular novel, House of Sand and Fog, you know this guy is a great writer. If you've just seen the movie, pretty much the same thing; the movie follows the book well with few surprises. Of course the book is always usually better than the movie so if you haven't read House of Sand and Fog, go. Get it at the library. Buy it. Do it. Now. Then read Townie for a peek at this superb author's life.

I love memoirs, especially those written by writers because, well, they can generally write.  I'm a wanna-be writer so maybe that's why they always intrigue me. How did this writer grow up or live or work to make him successful?

After reading Townie, I want to read Dubus's other books that I haven't read. I also want to read his father's books.

What are you reading?

Book Read:  Townie
Author:  Andre Dubus III
ISBN:  978-0-393-06466-7

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