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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

Okay, as soon as I got to the second chapter in this book I realized that a friend had told me about it the year it came out:  2008. I wish I'd read it then! She described the book totally on Chapter Two, The 10,000-Hour Rule, which tells about successful people who became successful after 10 years basically. In 10 years, we work about 10,000 hours and it takes that long for someone (anyone) to get really good at something whether it's music, sports, math, or computers.

Outliers is Malcolm Gladwell's third book, and it's the best, I think. I've read parts of his other books, Blink and The Tipping Point, but plan to read them again, all of them this time. 
Outliers tells the stories of why some people succeed and others don't. I won't give away his theories because they are so much fun to read for yourself, but I will say that luck does play a part. Often times.

I especially liked reading about Chris Lagan, a man with a genius IQ, who never had any advantages in life. None. And the rest is history.

Book Read: Outliers
Author: Malcolm Gladwell
ISBN: 978-0-316-01792-3

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