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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Beginner's Goodbye by Anne Tyler

I just finished reading The Beginner's Goodbye by Anne Tyler. Wonderful story! Fabulous writing! A winner all around. Oh, well, I do have one complaint:  this book was too short.

Like all of Anne Tyler's novels, this one had rich characters with oddball monkey wrenches thrown into their lives. The Beginner's Goodbye starts off with Aaron, a thirty-something year old, describing how his newly dead wife shows up unexpectedly, always outside, which is counter to how she lived her life. 

Aaron works for his family's vanity press. They publish, for a fee, beginner's guides to doing just about anything. Aaron is a beginner in many ways himself.

The story is a sweet tale of grief and dealing with someone's passing, then reflecting on a life together when there's some distance to do so.

Book Read: The Beginner's Goodbye
Author: Anne Tyler
ISBN: 978-0-307-95727-6

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