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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Girl Giant by Kristen den Hartog

The Girl Giant
was originally published in Canada under the title And Me Among Them. That title would have worked too. Ruth, the girl giant, looks at her life as being totally separate from everyone around her. After all, she is more than 7 feet tall.

I loved this book. It's short (in length) but long in compassion about a terrible condition that Ruth had to endure.

I've also read The Giant's House by Elizabeth McCracken about a man who is a giant. Both den Hartog and McCracken are such good writers who show how this fluke of nature affected the "giant's" lives.

Check out my Squidoo article for more books about giants.

Book Read: The Girl Giant
Author:  Kristen den Hartog
ISBN:   978-1-4516-5617-6

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