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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Painted Bridge by Wendy Wallace

I loved this book. I picked it up by chance at the library and when I started reading The Painted Bridge, I knew right away it was a winner.

Anna Palmer is sent to a private asylum outside London by her preacher husband. The reason? Because of a trip she takes to help victims of a shipwreck. This is 1859 so of course that act was considered to be wildly unladylike. Phooey. I would have been locked up for sure!

The struggle for her to convince her jailors (doctors and the owner of the large house) that she shouldn't be there is a central theme. When the owner's daughter, who is anorexic, wants to go to the fair to see the Fasting Girl, all hell breaks loose.

Book Read:The Painted Bridge
Author:  Wendy Wallace
ISBN:   978-1-4516-6082-1

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