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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oxygen by Carol Cassella

I finished reading Oxygen (but continue breathing it as I type) by Carol Cassella last night. This was a very good book on all counts:  it was well written, had a good plot, and had one of the most satisfying endings I can remember. And it was a such a nice change of pace from the Millenium trilogy. Those books were good, but I'm glad there were only three.

Throughout the book, there were hints (the major one that I picked up on immediately and kept waiting for it to be revealed) that kept you wondering what the whole story was of doctor Dr. Marie Heaton.

The author, Carol Cassella, is a medical doctor, an anesthesiologist to boot, and a fine writer. Makes me sick.

But more power to her. I do admire people who are talented in EVERYTHING they do. Dang.

Have you read Oxygen? What did you think?

Book Read:  Oxygen
Author:  Carol Cassella
ISBN:  978-1-4165-5610-7

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