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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver

Okay, I'm on a roll! I've been reading tried and true authors' books recently and I need to keep doing this. Last week I finished Tracy Chevalier's latest novel The Last Runaway and I just finished Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior. Wow, what great books!

I really, really, really enjoyed Flight Behavior. This novel should be a must read for anyone wanting to learn about climate change / global warming. It teaches without preaching (at all) using facts and a fictionalized (but believable) story of the monarch butterfly moving its winter habitat from the mountains of Mexico to the mountains of Southern Tennessee.

The books centers around a poor young woman, Dellarobia Turnbow, who's a wife and mother and smarter than just about anyone else she knows in her rural Tennessee world. She's the one to see the monarchs on the mountain near her house, and with the monarchs, her world changes. 

If you've never read any of Barbara Kingsolver's books, you're in for a treat. This one is just as good as any of her other novels. She develops the characters so the reader knows them and cares about them. 

A couple of really good passages from Flight Behavior follow:

  • "So she was what Hester called a 911 Christian:  in the event of an emergency, call the Lord. ... No wonder people chose Him as their number-one friend. But if the chemistry wasn't there, what could you do?"
  • "He looked surprised. 'No college?' 'No college. Sorry.' She wondered if humiliation ever ran its natural course and peeled off, like sunburn, or just kept blazing."

I don't know about you, but I often get so involved in the characters in a book that I hope for certain outcomes. Reading this book brought out very strong opinions to me of what Dellarobia should do. And the ending was not a disappointment.

Book Read:  Flight Behavior
Author:  Barbara Kingsolver

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