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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Lady of the Forest by David Guterson

I finished reading Our Lady of the Forest by David Guterson the other night. I had this book on my nightstand for a few years and finally started reading it. I'm not sure why I never read it but I ended up liking it. 

The premise:  a teenage runaway living in a tent outside Seattle who picks mushrooms to earn money sees the Virgin Mary one day. Another mushroom picker helps her meet the local priest, who is skeptical, but he helps her as best he can. A few other stories fill out the novel, mainly the one of Tom Cross, whose son is paralyzed.

The story moved along to what I found to be a fairly satisfying ending, even though it was all rosy for everyone.

Book Read:  Our Lady of the Forest  
Author:  David Guterson

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