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Monday, April 7, 2014

The Uncoupling by Meg Wolitzer

The Uncoupling by Meg Wolitzer is a surprising book. It's very well written; that's not the surprising part. I had read The Ten-Year Nap a few years ago and loved it, so I was fully expecting to like this book, too.

What was surprising was the premise. A high school drama teacher has her students put on the Greek comedy Lysistrata for the yearly school play. This adult-themed play had to be toned down since it deals with women standing against war by refusing to "lie with a man" as long as there was a war being fought. 

The funny thing is, as soon as rehearsals start for Lysistrata, a spell is cast on the women of the community. Tensions rise and women want nothing to do with men. The ending is fun and unexpected. A really great read!

Book Read: The Uncoupling
Author:  Meg Wolitzer

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