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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Expo 58 by Jonathan Coe

Okay, this was the first book by Jonathan Coe that I've read, and I'm a fan! 

This novel is set in 1958 mostly in Belgium where the World Fair (the Expo) was held, but also in England where Thomas Foley, the main character of this funny, tongue-in-cheek in many places book lived.

One thing that sold me on Expo 58 was the recommendation by Nick Hornby. He's a great writer and when he said "The best English novelist of his generation" about Coe, I figured I couldn't go wrong.

Expo 58 almost felt like a fairy tale at times in the telling of this story of a man (Foley) who was recruited to oversee a bar erected at the Expo for the British government. 

The subtle subplots (the most understated spy drama I've ever seen!) all come together at the end and though I hadn't exactly figured them out, they all made perfect sense.

Read it. Bet you'll love it, too.

Book Read:  Expo 58
Author:  Jonathan Coe

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