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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Shots Fired by C.J. Box

I've been reading C.J. Box's novels about a Wyoming game warden named Joe Pickett for years, but I have to say I really enjoyed Shots Fired, a collection of short stories. The title story is the last story in the book, and even though I liked it, I liked several other stories even better.

A couple that really stood out were The End of Jim and Ezra and Pronghorns of the Third Reich. Box introduced each short story at the beginning of the book, and I made a point of reading each introduction before reading the story. 

To introduce "Jim and Ezra" the author said that a bookseller encouraged him to write a historical novel based on these two characters. I'd read it!

For Pronghorns of the Third Reich, Box used an actual photograph as inspiration for the story, which is included at the end of the short story. But as he says, no looking ahead at the photo. Very cool!

C.J. Box generally writes about Wyoming, but I've read another of his standalone novels Three Weeks to Say Goodbye that was just as good. It was set mostly in Denver. Since I lived there most of my adult life, it's always fun to read about familiar locales.

Do you like reading all of an authors' books? I have lots to catch up on of the Joe Pickett novels!

Book Read:  Shots Fired
Author:  C.J. Box

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