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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

I finished reading The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters today, during the day sitting outside at my son's house. The best way to finish a really good book, in my opinion, is to enjoy it while I'm wide awake in a great setting. I usually read in bed at night so the daytime reading especially to finish up a book is a treat. This was a really good book. A long one but a good one.

Set in 1922 London Mrs. Wray and her unmarried daughter Frances have a lovely large house but little income or servants. To make ends meet they take in boarders, or as they call them paying guests.

The couple who rent two rooms from them are Leonard and Lilian Barber, and the friendships and events that unfold are surprising. I really enjoyed this book all the way to the end, wondering what the outcome would be. It was suspenseful, well written, and yes, long at 564 pages. But so worth it.

Book Read:  The Paying Guests
Author:  Sarah Waters


  1. I read in bed at night, but like to finish in the daylight, too. It gives me time to just sit and think about my impressions.

    1. Exactly! It's good to hear someone else does this too!



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