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Monday, February 16, 2015

There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me by Brooke Shields

I listened to Brooke Shields's memoir There Was a Little Girl:  The Real Story of My Mother and Me since I reserved the audio book on CD at the library when I meant to get the book. It was actually a really good book to listen to and I found myself taking little breaks to listen here and there over several days.

Brooke Shields's mother was an alcoholic, which informed this entire book. The woman would have driven me bonkers, but it looks like she came out alright despite Teri Shields. After her mother died, Brooke wrote this memoir laying it all (I guess, it was a lot so I hope that was all or most of it) out there for the world to see.

I mean this woman let her 12-year-old daughter make the movie Pretty Baby, which admittedly was fairly racy for being made in 1978 or any time. Brooke appears nude in it and in some pretty compromising and adult-themed situations. She said she wouldn't let her own daughters make that movie at that age. I guess not!

I did enjoy listening to this audio book read by Shields proving none of us have a  perfect life or perfect parents. We just do the best we can.

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