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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Cheater, a Stinker

Book ReadThe Cheater:  Do You Know Where Your Husband Is?
Author:  Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
ISBN: 978-0-7653-1902-9

Okay, I like to read new authors from time to time to see if I find a winner, and if I do find one, I read all of their books. So I picked up The Cheater, subtitled Do You Know Where Your Husband Is?, by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg at the library. It was on the New Books shelf and if nothing else, I know for sure I haven't read a book if it's sitting there. I've been known to buy books or check out books that really look interesting. No wonder. They look like something I'd really like, and sometimes that's because I've already read them!

No chance of that happening again with this book or this author. I thought the writing was stilted, formal, and a tad on the preachy side, informing her darling audience about eating regularly so the body doesn't store fat cells, for example. If I wanted to read a diet book, I'd read a diet book.

That type of writing is not an enjoyable read to me, when the writing makes you stop and say to yourself, "Hmmm, I'm reading a book... that someone wrote... and not very well at that." Good writing should move the story along and not be obvious. Anyway, I guess that's what I think good writing should be. It's like watching an actor who's obviously acting. Yuck, flip the channel already.

I'd say read this book if you like a good thriller because the components were there even though they were so far-fetched I nearly stopped reading it a couple of times. It was original, I'll give it that but totally unbelievable.

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