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Monday, June 17, 2013

Did You Know Maeve Binchy Died?

Okay, I picked up Maeve Binchy's latest (and last) book only to find out, yes, she died soon after she finished writing it! Who knew? Not me. And this was last summer.

I've read several of Maeve Binchy's novels and always liked them. This one was no different, though I have to say, it seemed a bit off in places. I liked the premise (character sketches of people, for the most part, down on the their luck in one way or another) who come together to spend A Week in Winter at a Western Ireland "little big house," as she refers to the private home that is turned into a guest house/small hotel.

I liked how with each new chapter, another character or two were revealed helping piece together the story. But since each chapter dealt with a new character, the story seemed to be a bit disjointed and not as finely tuned as some of her other novels.

I was sad to read the dust jacket about Ms. Binchy's passing:  "...she lived in Dalkey, Ireland, until her death in July 2012 at the age of seventy-two, shortly after finishing this book."

Book Read:  A Week in Winter
Maeve Binchy

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