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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

She Left Me the Gun by Emma Brockes

She Left Me the Gun:  My Mother's Life Before Me by Emma Brockes is a daughter's memoir of her mother. The daughter, Emma Brockes, wrote about her late mother, Paula's life to understand it. 

Paula (Pauline Dulcie Brockes) grew up in South Africa and moved to London in her late twenties to escape her life. She reinvented herself, married later than most and had a child in her forties. Emma, her daughter, was told snippets of her mother's life but never the whole story.

After her mother died from cancer, Emma decided to find out for herself what her mother wasn't able to tell her. Emma first did some research online then visited South Africa twice and met with Paula's many siblings to piece together the mystery of her mother's upbringing. 

This is a shocking story that has to be true. It's too strange to be fiction.

Book Read:  She Left Me The Gun:  My Mother's Life Before Me
Author:  Emma Brockes

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