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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Maya's Notebook by Isabel Allende

Have you read Isabel Allende's latest novel, Maya's Notebook? Yes? Isn't it great!? No? Well, it's a winner!

I really enjoyed Allende's popular novel The House of the Spirits: A Novel and I think I liked this one even more. Maya is the granddaughter of a Chilean refuge, Nini, who raises her in San Francisco with Maya's Popo, her step-grandfather, who Maya adores.

The story follows Maya's troubled youth from San Francisco to Oregon to Las Vegas to Chile. Allende's superb storytelling comes through with several subplots and twists that are gently revealed throughout the novel. 

I really savored this book. It took me more than a week to read because I just didn't want it to end.

Book Read:  Maya's Notebook
Author:  Isabel Allende

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