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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Line of Fire by Stephen White

I finished Line of Fire by Stephen White this morning while waiting at an appointment. I was glad to finish it because frankly I was ready to be done with it. I did want to know how it ended and the end of the book moved along at a good clip, making it more pleasurable to read then the bulk of the tome.

This book is billed as a psychological thriller but to me it was a tad tedious in places. White is a psychologist and it shows. He used ten dollar words when a nickel word would do. It's reads like he's showing off, to me.

I hadn't read any of the previous Dr. Alan Gregory books that White's written and I'm glad. From other reviews on Amazon, it sounds like this book was a stinker. The characters of Alan and Sam Purdy acted out of character and the storyline faltered. I agree that the two did some dumb things and the circumstances were sort of ridiculous. I do believe this will be the last White novel I read. I may have read another one years ago but obviously since I don't really remember, it wasn't memorable.

Do you like Stephen White's books?

Book Read:  Line of Fire
Author:  Stephen White

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