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Monday, August 12, 2013

The View From Penthouse B by Elinor Lipman

I love Elinor Lipman's books, and this just might be her best! I finished reading The View from Penthouse B last night and was so sad to see it end. 

The premise follows:  Gwen-Laura is the middle sister of three girls. She moves in to Penthouse B after her husband dies suddenly. Her older sister Margot owns the penthouse but nothing else, having lost her money in Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme. 

Margot's ex-husband is a doctor who took liberties with his OB/GYN patients in a way that I don't want to spoil for you. Their younger sister Betsy is married with children. A roommate, a young man named Anthony, moves in to help with expenses and the story just keeps getting better.

Read it! I loved this book so much and can't imagine anyone not loving it, too.

Book Read:  The View from Penthouse B
Author:  Elinor Lipman

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