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Sunday, January 11, 2015

I Must Say, My Life as a Humble Comedy Legend by Martin Short

Well, I am a die hard Martin Short fan and my kids know this. My son gave me I Must Say, My Life as a Humble Comedy Legend by Martin Short (with some other dude, which makes me wonder how that went down. Did Marty actually write any of this book? I don't really care because I can hear him loud and clear. What I bet happened is he carried a tape recorder around with him and just talked and the other dude wrote it out. That's what I think, but I have not a clue!). Okay, I just looked on Amazon, and there is no other dude. I must have dreamed that part. Duh.

Any hoo, the book my son gave me is signed, don't ya know! I think that's most excellent!

But back to the book! 

It's a memoir of the finest order. Lots of dirty little details about Short's life that you just love to read about. Tons of names are dropped. Quite a bit of jokes and gags. Plenty of cussing. Embarrassing factoids emerge. I loved it!

I laughed (reading about my favorite Martin Short character Mr. Ed Grimley), I cried (reading about his losses of his brother, his parents, and his wife), and I loved this book so much that I think I'll read it again. And maybe even again. It's that good.

The one thing from reading some of the rave reviews on Amazon was that one person said the audio book was hilarious. I bet it is! 

Book Read:  I Must Say, My Life as a Humble Comedy Legend
Author:  Martin Short

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