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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lucky Us by Amy Bloom

Amy Bloom is a wonderful writer and she shines with her novel Lucky Us.

This story is a bit different, told mostly from Eva's point of view. When the story begins, Eva is a child and it runs through her crazy, unstable life into her twenties. Even though she is the younger sister to step-sister Iris, Eva holds things together in their desperate little family.

To give you a taste of Amy Bloom's fabulous writing, here's one sentence that made me stop and read it again and again:

My father's illness became a long, bumpy, terrible road
to a place we didn't want to go, 
except that the road itself was so awful, 
we couldn't wait to get there.

Lucky Us: A Novel

Who hasn't felt this with a sick loved one? Wow. I want to write like that!

For a great story full of wonderful twists and turns (some painful, a few joyful) and beautiful writing, Lucky Us is a sure thing.

Book Read:  Lucky Us
Author:  Amy Bloom

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