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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dwarf by Tiffanie DiDonato with Rennie Dyball: Don't Bother

Well, I rarely finish books that I don't like but I did like the subject matter of this one so I plugged away. But this book Dwarf by Tiffanie DiDonato written with Rennie Dyball was not well written, which made slogging through it harder than plowing through a snow drift without the help of a shovel. 

One plus to this book:  Dwarf was short. Pun fully intended. But seriously, if this book had been much longer, I'd have slammed it shut and walked away.

Amazingly, Dwarf has a 4.2- out of 5-star rating on Amazon. I have no idea how. In addition to the bad writing, Tiffanie is a self-centered, spoiled woman. Her parents coddled her, and probably especially because of her dwarfism. I think that does no one any favors so right off the bat that turned me off. She did endure horrible surgeries to first correct her bones from their abnormal growth then later she had elective bone-lengthening surgeries and follow up where she had to turn screws in her legs and arms to length her limbs.

I just didn't find this "author" to be likeable in any way. Her story was unique and interesting to read from a medical standpoint, but her nastiness regarding a teacher who said she was a dwarf (She is a dwarf! This shouldn't have been a surprise. Good grief!) in class showed her true colors. And those colors weren't pretty.

Book Read:  Dwarf
Author:  Tiffanie DiDonato with Rennie Dyball

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